Minor Wreck? We Got The Auto Parts!

Minor Wreck? We Got The Auto Parts!

It’s winter in Colorado and we’ve had a number of snowy days and hairy commutes. Certainly we’ve all seen a car accident or two, and possibly were even involved in one. Many of these accidents are minor and may not warrant an insurance claim. If the damage isn’t too bad, used auto parts and a little elbow grease might be just what the doctor ordered to get your car back on the road.

To Claim or Not to Claim

Obviously, this is a question for you as individual. Does the damage to the vehicle cost more than the deductible? Do you want to make a claim and incur higher rates next year? Consider your options before making a decision a quick call to Central Auto Parts to find out the cost of the used parts, can help give you a barometer for taking some “DIY” action.

Evaluate the Repair

You should do a little research online to find out what the repair is going to take. Replacing a headlight or fender can be far different from one vehicle to the next. Getting an idea of the complexity of the repair based on your specific vehicle should be your first step. If changing out the damaged part for a quality used part seems to difficult for your skill level, probably better to not pursue it unless you can get help from a skilled friend. YouTube has amazing videos to guide you through a lot of the repairs you may encounter. Dealerships may also have resources and documents to guide you.